December 30, 2018

Life as a basketball junkie turned letgo junkie

This is a screenshot of Letgo.  If you want
 to give it a try, I will warn you that the most
 annoying part is that you cannot see the
price of the item or the location until you click
 on the item.  This makes it a tad time consuming.
  Until I figured out how to use the 'favorites'
button, I was clikcing on the same damn
items over and over again.  Still worth it.
So, now you know just how trusting I am.  I meet strange people in mysterious places or I invite them to my house - um, if you haven't read the previous post you oughta or you're gonna think I am a nut job!  I assume they will give me items that I have paid for weeks in advance.  This guy could have just blown me off, kept my money, and never showed. 

Too lazy to look back at my previous post?  OK fine.  I am talking about my new Christmas trend of buying used items off of Letgo and wrapping them up for Christmas.

The beats guy couldn't meet at 3:00 on Sat. Dec. 22nd, my preferred time.   All along, I updated the nano shuffle seller to see if she could still coordinate her meeting time with his.

As you know, the Shenanigan family is a basketball junkie family  Tank's Christmas tournament schedule was about as clear as mud.  I cornered the coach one day as he wheeled a cart full of balls to the equipment closet.  I was prepared to box him out.  (People, it's a basketball term!)  I needed to know what time he played on the 22nd so we could plan out how to get to the family party.  Two cars, someone show up late?  The party was at 3:00 - 30 minutes from his game.  Originally he said noon.  A few days later, Tank came home from practice and informed me that it was really 1:15.  Did you know that high school basketball player parents are not allowed to have lives or make plans that they intend to keep?

The morning of the 22nd I was at Reg's b-ball game.  The nano seller sent me a message and eventually her phone number.  We chatted.  Turned out she was going to be in my neck of the woods - kind of, at a brunch.  I was on a tight b-ball mom schedule.  I was trying to figure out when and where I could meet her.  My day was:  workout, Reg's b-ball games, run home and shower, load the kids in the car, and head out to Tank's b-ball and go directly to the family party.

Hard to see in this tiny pic, but this is the ipod
 nano I bought for $40 from a nice lady on Letgo.
Nano lady offered to come to my home.  Was I comfortable with that?  Hell, yes!  I shooed Curly away from the door when nano lady rang my bell shortly after my shower.  Me:  'Curly go get some socks on (or soak your head or whatever it takes to get you away from the door) we are leaving for Tank's game soon.'  I was so tickled that my afternoon meet-ups near the north-side family party had dwindled to one that I handed the woman our family Christmas card complete with lengthy poem about our adventures over the course of the year.  She had breathed a sigh of relief when we spoke on the phone earlier.  Was glad I was a female and not a predator.  Relieved that I was normal.  Now that she has my Christmas card and my blog address that I scribbled on the outside of the envelope, she knows I am not a predator, but normal?  Well, there's a stretch.

If Tank's game ended at 2:15 that would give us 30 minutes to meet the beats guy at the time he preferred:  2:45.  The meeting place was 28 minutes away.  No wiggle room.  If that didn't happen, I was going to leave the family party to meet him.  Guess what?  The game started 30 minutes late.  We regrouped and I set up a new meeting time with the guy.  Coach and I (this marks the ONLY time this season that Coach was remotely involved in any gift buying - um, share in my comments if you are in the same boat!) excused ourselves from the party in order to meet at a nearby grocery store to get my pre-paid, second hand, never-used beats.

Of course now Coach's siblings were learning about the kind of crazy wife their brother had (there were signs previously, so shouldn't be a total shock).  Buying things from strangers?  Meeting randomly?  They begged Coach to accompany me, which he had already agreed to do.  I didn't really need him to come with me except for the fact that I had already downed one Mike's Hard Lemonade.  I am a lightweight.  His relatives wished us well and said that they hoped they would see us again.  Hilarious.

We were back in a flash and as I type this on Christmas Eve I realize that I still have to get the beats from their hiding place under the front seat of the great-white van.  I promise I would have realized that I was shy one pair of beats when I was wrapping.  Hoping I get to that before midnight!

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