November 5, 2018

other uses for potato peelers

I was initially very proud of my own MacGyver maneuver in the Stay-bridge hotel while on vacation.  

Mini took the first shower right after we checked into the hotel.  For dinner, we were meeting friends, who have a summer place nearby.  Everyone was fighting over who would shower first, because SAND!  I had been at the beach with Reg, Curly, Tank, and Mini.  Coach and the older boys hadn't gotten into town yet, so they were meeting us at the restaurant.  

That left me to orchestrate unloading the car with my 'helpers', stock the fridge with whatever cold stuff I brought, (Coach would be bringing another cooler.  As usual, I had packed most of our meals), and try not to pull my hair out while the kids argued over who got the next shower.  

Mini called to me from the shower that the drain wasn't working.  Swell.  Music to my ears - knowing that all of us would be sharing a bathroom with one tub/shower.  

I poked my head in and tried to offer her some instructions.  Nothing was working.  My offspring believe showers should run for as long as it takes.  Takes to do what, is the question.  Not really sure what the deal is, but they sure hang out in there way longer than necessary to get clean.  Today was no exception - despite the line of kids waiting to shower.

In case you cannot identify this interesting
scenario:  this is a tub with a healthy
rim of sand, a few inches of standing water,
 and a complimentary potato peeler doing
 double duty as a drain popper-upper.
When Mini was done, I entered the steamy sauna she had created.  I tried to wedge my flip flop under the drain cover.  My flip flop just floated to the top.  The other kids were overjoyed that they could bath and shower at the same time given that the tub was practically full of water that refused to drain.  Dirty, filthy, sandy water that was now 10 degrees colder than the air temperature.  Gross!!!!

I went to the kitchen and rifled thru the available kitchen supplies.  (Thank you Stay-bridge for the kitchen utensils.  Bonus).  I grabbed a potato peeler and shoved it under the drain.  Magic.  I felt like a super-hero.  

After dinner when our hotel room reached maximum capacity, I pointed out the drain disaster to Coach.  I didn't imagine that we would be able to survive one bathroom for 8 of us for 4 days with a faulty drain temporarily propped open with a potato peeler.  

Coach, the real hero, promptly bent over, pushed on the drain cover, and it sprung up.  Just.  That.  Simple.  

Ouch.  I had nothing.  No explanation as to why we (OK, me.  I was the adult) hadn't just stepped on the drain to pop it up.  I think I was trying to twist it.  It was under several gallons of water by the time I attempted anything.  In order to survive in our family, thick skin is essential.  I think my skin got a little thicker that evening!

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