August 30, 2018

I'll take 'know your time zones' for $100!

The Friday feis was a black and white feis.  That is our favorite kind of competition.  It means that dancers can wear black or white shirts, shorts, or skirts.  No fancy costumes, no makeup, no wigs.  It is a streamlined system that we welcome whenever possible.

Trying to leave the house in a moment's notice, Mini was scrambling to find the black clothes we reserve for these competitions.  Maeve’s level of competition wasn’t offered on Friday, so she would only dance on Saturday in her dress.  

Our Irish dancing cabinet. 
Tape, socks, leg tanner.  Note the curly wig
on the bottom shelf.  Our of style for several
years, but still comes in handy for Halloween
last minute costume ideas. Reason #264 that will
 make me excited when the girls are both
 done dancing.  I can reclaim this cabinet.
I called to a frantic Mini:  ‘I keep your black skirt in the dancing cabinet in the laundry room.’ (Doesn't everyone have a dancing cabinet full of retired wigs and extra sock glue in their laundry room?).  Her black shirt was in the laundry.  I grabbed one of mine.  

I told the girls to load their stuff in the car and I raced up the stairs to throw my clothes and toiletries in a bag.  I waddled out to the car dragging my bag, the dancing dresses - because the girls needed them for the Saturday competition, and the dancing dresses that we are currently trying to sell.  I took one more look around the kitchen and bolted out the door.  

I put the location of the competition in my google maps before we were even on the expressway. Now, I know the basic direction to Indianapolis, so the GPS wasn’t necessary just yet.  The fact that I did this on autopilot was instrumental.

My phone estimated our arrival time as 5:15 pm.  My heart stopped.  What the what?!  
Then it hit me.  There was a time change.  Duh!  I had just attended my 25th college reunion in Indiana.  I KNEW there was a time change.  I had totally blanked on it.  

I shared the bad news with the girls.  Mini freaked out.  I hesitated as much as is possible in Chicago traffic on a Friday afternoon.  I was hosting a party for Mini’s graduation on Sunday.  I had PLENTY to do.  Should I bail on this crazy road trip?


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

YES! Bail!!!!! You will NEVER make it on time!!!!!! But, of course, I'm hoping that you did.

Ernie said...

Where there is a will, there is a way!!!!