August 8, 2018

I got this! or, not

When we arrived at the high school this evening, Ed raced off in his half dressed up apparel to go to his photo shoot.  I started to weave my way thru the various stops for registration.  When we got to the health form table, the ladies asked for my freshman's physical.  Well, send me to detention.

I had health forms for Ed and Tank.  Mini's physical is scheduled for later in August.  She still goes to the pediatrician, so hers is at the same time as sports physicals for Reg and Curly.  Oops.  Big time.

I couldn't get her schedule without the proper forms.  The ladies at the health form table suggested that I run to the nearby clinic and get her a physical for $20.  Nope.  I would keep my scheduled appointment at the pediatrician.  These health table ladies admitted that they had records of her up-to-date immunizations.  Just not an updated physical.

I knew she needed a physical.  I knew it needed to be done before school.  It just fell off my radar that it needed to be done before registration.  Oh, damn all those emails I ignored.  I thought I had this.

At the next table, I got schedules for both boys.  Mini was steamed.  She couldn't stop muttering phrases like 'figures' and 'I can't believe you did this' under her breath.  After I reminded her not to have a meltdown because she was technically a high school student, I leaned across the table and explained to the ladies that I messed up.  Her physical was scheduled.

Could we just peek at her schedule?  They were VERY accommodating.  They were after all, moms.
A portion of Mini's schedule. 
She admitted later that she
accidentally snap-chatted her
schedule before removing her
locker number and combination.
  This is what we get for waiting to
get a kid a phone as high school begins. 
So, Mini's schedule was photographed, and life continued.  Until . . .

Ed texted me.  'You paid for a full photo session and I am not wearing any pants.'  Well, there you have it.  That's not the kind of text a mom gets everyday.

Signing up for a senior picture session online was different than what I did a few years ago for Lad.  At least I think it was.  I really have no recollection of it.  Over a month ago, I had fumbled around trying to figure out what I was signing up for on the website.  It was late at night, or not that late, but I was very tired and it FELT very late.  I was trying to get one more thing off my list before I collapsed into bed.  The photo place was closed, so I couldn't call and ask for clarification.  Check this box.  Plug in credit card.  Move on with life.  Go to bed.

I texted Ed back.  'I don't care what I paid for.  I just want a head shot.'  My phone rang.  It was Ed.  Did I get his text?  He does that.  Calls me after allowing insufficient time for me to have responded to his text.  I think they call that a lack of patience.  I think the photo shoot peeps took extra pics of him in his cap and gown instead.  Pics I won't order, but I don't care.
I stayed up late to write this, and guess what
 I found on the bathroom floor when I went
 to bed?  That's right.  Tank's Hawaiian shirt.
  He is a barrel of laughs,
 but impossible to live with.

I stood there trying to make sure I took care of everything (other than the need to come back with Mini's physical form when the ink is still wet).  Tank kept asking me sarcastically if I wanted to spend a little more time milling around doing nothing.  He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt.  Thankfully he had chosen to button the shirt.  On the drive over, he tried to get Mini worked up by pretending that he was going to walk into registration and call out 'Wha's up?' to any available staff members with an open Hawaiian shirt.

I was definitely on my A game and outshining all of the other moms standing in line with their physical forms and correctly filled out senior portrait online ordering pages.  I was just glad I remembered my checkbook. 


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Glad she was able to get a peak at her schedule! And what a smart girl - all honors!!!!

Ernie said...

I have done nothing but poo in and out of town for the last several weeks. Almost forgot before I left thurs night to go pick up her paper schedule and have her practice opening her locker. And yes, she's a smart cookie-messy messy as He'll, but smart.