August 6, 2018

high school kids' August focus, any guesses?

Today was the day I was taking the 3 high school kids to registration.  This is a big day in the life of a high school student, because (drum roll) they get their class schedule for the year.
Priorities:  lake house vs keeping
high schoolers happy. 
Lake house wins out every time.  Honestly
 no one complained that we weren't
 going to be the first
ones to know our schedules. 
Not until I really stepped in it.

Registration actually opened yesterday, but I was at my friend's lake house for a few days this week with the three youngest kids.  Translation:  my kids were not able to snap chat their schedule to all of their friends.  There was no 'guess-who-is-in-my-lunch' discussion yesterday.  No celebrations or heavy sighs about what teachers they have or which friends they will get to see in their classes.  All that was postponed until today.  Our appointment was NOT in the morning, it was this evening.  Oh, the drama.

Eddie was scheduled to have his senior portrait taken today.  It just so happened to overlap with registration.  He didn't need to be present at registration.  I was the rock star at registration, because I had the checkbook.

Eddie drove with us wearing his sport coat, tie, and dress shirt.  This formal ensemble looked a bit out of place, since it was paired with his shorts and sneakers.  He was just sitting for a head shot, so the full suit wasn't necessary.

If my math is correct, this is my 7th registration process at the high school.  It has changed so much over the years.  We used to bring proof of residency documents with us.  The lines used to be longer.  There were more stops to make.  Lots of waiting.  Nowadays, most of the process is done in advance online.

The only downside to that is the volume of emails I get from the high school.  Some info might get lost in the shuffle - especially since I often get the same info 3 times now that I am going to have a senior, sophomore, and a freshman.

While we were at the lake house, my phone wouldn't get any reception.  Mini's phone couldn't call or text either.  Mini's friends were trying to figure out what lunch Mini had, and they couldn't contact her.  I had received an email the day before with details about my freshman's lunch period.  I hadn't bothered to open the email.  Imagine?  Had I opened it Mini would have been able to tell her friends (via snap chat or something new age that worked with wifi despite our lack of phone service) that she had 9th period lunch.

Uh oh.  Prepare to eat a protein bar between classes, girlfriend.  That is a LATE lunch.  Not only do I feel for my high-metabolism daughter and her impending hunger issues, but I am confident they made the 'Hangry' commercials with her in mind.  Watch out high school population.  If you don't feed her, she might bite.

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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Peter is very disappointed that the he has first lunch because he's "going to be sooooooooooo hungry by the end of the day." Guess I better bring snacks when I pick him up! :)