August 26, 2018

deviating from the original plan

The ORIGINAL plan was for us to drive to Indianapolis very early Friday morning.  I was done babysitting for the school year on Thursday.  Hooray.  We planned to take Eddie with us.  We would tour Butler in Indianapolis.  Drop Eddie off at a bus station so he could take a bus back home.  He was registered to take the ACT Saturday morning.  Not that he wouldn’t totally love to hang out at a feis like the good ole days and watch his sisters compete.

After getting Eddie on a bus home, I would take the girls to the Friday night feis.  Only Mini would dance, because Curly’s level didn’t compete at a Friday night feis.  Dance again Saturday, and return home to prepare to host Min’s graduation party.  Sound hectic?  I do have a habit of trying to do a bit more than what seems humanly possible.  Why would this weekend be any different?

Now we came up with a new plan, because of the pool party on Friday.  No Eddie.  No Butler.  Just dancing on Saturday.  And fingers crossed, we would come home with a first place!  Fingers crossed even more that the mostly family party we were hosting would be a cinch.  

I have tried and tried to insert the weather forecast here
for Friday, June 8th.  This is all that will copy. 
But it pretty much sums it up. 
As Friday the 8th approached, I noticed that the weather didn’t look promising for a pool party.  The evite didn’t mention anything about a rain date.  I waited.  

In my spare time I drove the girls to the mall to get a new bathing suit for Mini.  I tried to stay on top of the housework.  I paced myself.  What could I clean and organize far in advance that wouldn’t require a redo before the party?  

Wednesday night I met Coach and his staff out at a pizza place.  We had a celebration to commemorate his office manager’s last day.  She worked for Coach for 12 years.  WE were so sad that she had accepted another job.  It made sense, because upper management refused to pay her what she was worth.  

I arrived at the party hungry. Big mistake for a person with celiac disease.  Coach had promised that he would order a tossed salad.  The tossed salad offered at this pizza place included a head of iceberg lettuce barely separated.  A few tomatoes and cucumber chunks.  The end.  That wasn’t the kind of salad I considered a meal.  I ordered a gluten free pizza.  

I should have known better.  Never order gluten free pizza from a regular pizza place.  Imagine how much flour gets tossed around in their kitchen!  I didn’t sleep well that night.  I started to feel like I was in a fog.  By Friday I still wasn’t 100%.

I continued to watch the weather.  It was like 90% chance of rain.  I checked my email.  
No evite updates.  Crap.

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