August 2, 2018

a need to snooze, is a need to snooze!

Fast-forward to the morning that I happened to see that Geraldine had posted on CARE.COM that she was trying to replace me.  Me, the woman who had stopped her in her tracks as she almost purchased a toilet topper.  Not to mention the countless other ways I tried to coax her towards mainstream parenting.

Her husband, Simon, showed up to drop the kids off.  I was bleary eyed from a crappy night sleep compliments of celiac disease, AND still shaking from my shock at seeing the CARE.COM post.  Simon occasionally dropped kids off, but usually it was Geraldine.

This was the view from my dining room's
makeshift kitchen into my ripped up
 old kitchen until they covered
 the opening with heavy plastic.
My house was under construction and our fake kitchen was setup in the living room and dining room.  A normal drop off includes literally getting the kids in the door and then leaving.  I was hustling around getting lunches ready for my kids when I became aware that Simon hadn’t left.

He was following me into the dining room where I was digging around in my fridge.  AWKWARD.  He tried to peek thru the heavy plastic that covered the dining room entrance to the construction-zone kitchen.  Claimed he wanted to check on the progress.  I was baffled and growing more and more irritated.  I needed to get Curly on the bus.

This is where I stood making lunches
when I felt confused by
 Simon's presence.  He really
 had no business following me thru
the front hall, the living room,
and then finally into my dining room.
Something was up
I think his plan was to lure me into the construction zone away from the children, but the heavy plastic was running interference.  I let him know that I needed to get Curly on the bus.  He finally got to the point:  Well, I just wanted to make it very clear that we DO NOT want Theo napping anymore.’

I so wanted to say, ‘Hey, Mr. Napoleon-complex-sufferer.  Take your kids home, put on your tap shoes this afternoon, and do a little dance to try to keep your kid awake.  A tired kid is a tired kid.

Instead I told him thru clenched teeth that I understood.  Knowing that they were trying to hire someone else made the whole situation even more INSANE.  The audacity!   

Enough said?
That afternoon I put Theo in the same room I always put him in for nap time.  I spread out the sleeping bag and made a pile of quiet toys and books that he was interested in.  5 minutes later I returned.  Face-plant.  


Cheryl said... are a saint. I would have dumped this couple a loooong time ago. I cannot wait to see how this ends! :)

Ernie said...

I realized much later that I held on to them because I really only wanted to babysit part time and I feared it would be too hard to find someone that would only need me part time. This school year I am going to be sitting 5 days a week, but I think I will not mind the extra day because I am hoping (fingers crossed) that the new families (plus one of my original families) will be normal and easy to work with. Keep you posted!