June 10, 2018

when feeling guilty, crash

OK, so this happened a few weeks ago, but there were other more pressing topics that needed to be shared firstHello, raccoons!

This pic was supposed to go with the 'Notes from the Nuthouse' post.  In my haste to get ready to host the grad party for Mini and first go to Indianapolis for an Irish dancing competition, I forgot.  Check out the cute bikini top that doesn't show too much and fits perfect - now guess how hard it is to find a bottom that looks right with it AND isn't too skimpy?  On Thursday it became my life's mission.  

Another forgot-to-upload picture.  Not that you can't imagine what an empty bottle of Jim Beam looks like hidden in a pantry.  I pulled the buried bottle out a bit for the pic.  It was almost unnoticeable thanks to the jar of cashews.  Still unsure why Coach chose to HIDE this empty rather than toss it.

Back in mid-May:  I guess the first few days of Lad being home were like the calm before the storm.  I knew it was coming.  I was bracing for it.  After a few days, it hit the fan.

I was feeling guilty about missing out on being a chaperone on Curly’s field trip.  Last year I agreed to chaperone a field trip for her, but later backed out when I realized I double booked.  In the fall, Geraldine had asked me to babysit on a Friday (a day I don’t normally sit) in far-off-distant January.  I agreed, and then it fell off my radar until after I had promised Curly I would go on her field trip.  There were tears.  I felt ill.  

Looking back and knowing what I know now about Geraldine, I wish I had just told her I couldn’t sit that day.  Even at the last minute.  My kids should always come first.  I did volunteer to help during an in-school field trip later in the year, but it was a short afternoon and not the same as wandering around a museum with Curly and her friends.

Curly had another field trip May 18th to a place called the Naper Settlement and the weather looked awesome.  Think Williamsburg on a smaller scale.  There was an old school, a mansion, a blacksmith giving demonstrations, etc.  

Even though I told Geraldine at the beginning of the year that I wasn’t interested in swapping days because it gets too confusing, she still sent me her end of year (when things are crazier than ever) list requesting that I sit some weeks from Tuesday till Friday vs. the usual Monday - Thursday.  I begrudgingly agreed.  I am NOT babysitting for her next year - are you starting to figure out why?  Oh, there's more.  Much more.  But the end is in sight.  Not close enough, but in sight.  

Curly and Carter exploring
the Naper Settlement. 
It this cute or what?
I didn’t agree to chaperone the field trip, but as the day approached I decided that I would just crash it.  I packed a lunch for Carter and I.  Then I drove to the settlement.

Our timing was perfect.  The class had just walked thru the gates and we slipped in behind them.  I hadn’t told Curly about my plan and she was thrilled.  Her teacher, who is quite chill, was glad we opted to tag along.  We stalked her group until we had to haul ass back to pick up Theo at preschool.  Carter walked around holding Curly’s hand part of the time.  Curly didn’t mind the attention.  Once the preschool pickup was complete, I headed home.

That's when the fun-with-Laddie began . . . 

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Beth (A Moms Life) said...

I'm glad you got to tag along with Curly! Looking forward to the next installment of your crazy life!