June 27, 2018

update on the awful family drama 6 months ago, AND an endoscopy

Today is June 25th.  I know, I know, it is really June 27th by the time you are reading this.  I am scheduling it to post in the future.  Does that make you feel cheated?  Well, I apologize but my options are limited.  I am going to be in Orlando for National Championships of Irish Dancing soon.  I decided to get some writing done tonight, or I would have several days with nothing posted. 

Today (well, June 25th) Laddie turned 20 years old.  We celebrated last night (the 24th - are you confused?) because everyone was going in different directions on Monday night.  I whipped up a crowd pleasing dinner of  Honey Mustard Chicken and mashed potatoes and green beans.  Then I served the gluten eaters a Costco cheesecake. It looked dreamy.

I was stressing a bit, so I was a bit of a grouch.   Full disclosure.  I was barking at people to put their stuff away and clean up after themselves.  The usual.  When Coach hollered, 'What now?' . . . as in 'what could one of our darling children do to set me off AGAIN ' while I dished out dinner, Lad added to the drama with his two cents.

He griped that I shouldn't have called the gang to dinner if the plates weren't ready.  It is true, kids were sitting waiting to be served.  Imagine?!  How inconsiderate of me.  I have a habit of cutting up all the meat and then tossing various portion sizes on plates.  Curly likes to graze all day and never has room for a full meal.  Anyway, it is sort of a silly practice since the big boys all eat at least one chicken breast each.  The other issue I was trying to explain as the hungry lot sat there and stared at me is that we don't have enough knives for kids to cut there own meat.  I need to remedy that situation.  Soon!

Lad directed a more detailed critique of me to Coach, 'There's always an issue and she's always negative.'  So, that put a damper on the dinner and my festive spirit.  Do I need to mention that it sucks the life out of me to have them sit around and watch me do EVERYTHING?

I was especially annoyed by the shoes laying around, the plates from earlier meals not handled, and the caddy towels tossed here and there.  These kinds of standard messes make me come unglued today in particular because in the morning (the 25th) I was going to my doctor's office for an endoscopy.  Later in the afternoon I hoped to be perky, because a new family was coming to meet me to see if they want me to babysit for them in the fall.  I was unsure of how I would feel after the procedure, and I didn't want to be trying to get the house cleaned up while groggy.  It's hard enough to clean up the house while not being groggy. 

Anyway, since it is Laddie's birthday I wanted to update you on a situation between Laddie and my Dad.  You remember, right?  The Christmas gift with a stinger included. 

Apparently after mass Saturday night, my Dad flagged Lad down.  I missed it because I needed to chat with someone, and I followed her out to the parking lot to ask her something.  Coach later told me that Dad said to Lad, 'Lad, I want to take you out sometime soon.  I want to apologize.' 

Coach's former office manager, who we miss terribly,
threw a party because she is moving from
 this building with an awesome view of the city.
Coach and I went out that night.  Wonders never cease.  We went downtown to Coach's former office manager's apartment.  She was having a rooftop party.  It wasn't until we were there that Coach turned to me and asked me if I had heard what Dad said to Lad.  What??  Are you serious?  

What do you know? 
Coach and I were out late enough
for the city to be all lit up.
 Just a couple of crazy kids.
I am not sure how receptive Lad will be to my Dad's invitation.  The other kids, who witnessed it, said Lad shrugged and was like 'whatever.'  I am hopeful that Lad will agree to go to lunch with him, and that he will be ready to accept Dad's apology. 

I know my Dad didn't mean to hurt Laddie, but the fact is that he did.  The man has a tendency not to THINK.  The impact was pretty obvious.  My heart is happy to know that my Dad is going to try to straighten out the mess.  I am sad that it took 6 months.  I am guessing that it really started to hit home that Lad is home from college but won't greet my Dad.  He wouldn't sign the Dad's day card that I bought for my Dad.  The rest of the kids hopped in the car when I went to wish my Dad a happy Father's Day.  Lad was noticeably absent. 

In other news:  my endoscopy went well this morning.  I am glad it is over.  Whoever put the tube down my throat had some serious skill.  I didn't even have a sore throat.  See, I am not always negative.  I am thrilled that my throat isn't killing me!  Last time my throat hurt for days. 

I was told I couldn't drive today.  I have been ordering people around to have them drive here and there all day.  I might pretend that I have an endoscopy more often!


Beth Cotell said...

I'm glad your dad is trying to make amends and I hope Lad meets him halfway!

Gigi said...

Excellent news about your dad. All to often, it's been my experience, that the offending party refuses to see what they did wrong.

Ernie said...

Yes, better late than never. My mom told me that she told my dad she wasn't interested in hosting a Christmas with this awkwardness. Wishing dad had been more self motivated to make it right. Hoping for progress.