June 25, 2018

begs the question, 'Were you raised in a barn?'

Mini now has a phone, since she graduated 8th grade.  Thank you, Walmart. 
I went into the family room to snag her phone and just snap a photo of it with the new case that arrived today.  I should have ordered the case back when I bought the phone - before it even had service.  Wasn't thinking that far in advance.  New phone already has one crack in it.  Anyway, how perfect that the two sisters were curled up on the couch looking at different kinds of dog breeds on Mini's phone.  Perfect picture and I didn't even pose them!  Pure as the driven snow.  Mini will make a great babysitter.  Damn it.

I reminded her Wednesday that she should text the woman, Tootsie, that she just started sitting for.  Previously, Tootsie was texting Mini indirectly thru me.  I had explained that Mini would have her own phone soon.

I suggested Mini text Tootsie something like:  'Hi, Tootsie!  I have my own phone now.  I wanted to touch base with you to see what time you needed me Saturday night?'

Tootsie responded right away.  'Oh sorry.  Since I hadn't confirmed with you, I asked my mother-in-law to babysit Saturday night.'  What the Hell is wrong with people?

Maybe she forgot that she had asked Mini to sit.  Regardless, now that Mini texted her to ask what time she was needed, Tootsie should realize that Mini was planning to babysit.  Mini certainly wouldn't have just imagined that Tootsie and hubby had a wedding to go to.  I felt that Tootsie should cancel the grandma sitter.  Duh.  It isn't Mini's fault that Tootsie is flaky.  She should honor the job that she offered Mini several weeks ago.
See - the job was clearly marked
on our dry erase board.
 I did not add it just for the sake
 of my blog - swear.  I wouldn't do that to you.
  I may have wiped off Tootsie's real name.
 If she flakes on this though, she
 deserves a fake name like Tootsie, right?

I was there when Mini met Tootsie.  Tank mows their lawn.  We chatted.  Mini met the kids.  Tootsie asked her for 2 dates.  Mini looked at me, her walking calendar.  I confirmed that Mini was available for both dates.

Mini babysat for the first of those two dates two weeks ago on a Saturday.  June 9th.  (getting home from an Irish dancing competition was a little dodgy, but I made it happen.  More on that later.  Promise).  Tootsie and her hubby were very generous when they paid her.  Mini told me that when they dropped her off aftrerwards, she said, 'See you on Saturday.'

So Mini said 'Saturday,' when she should have said 'see you in 2 weeks on Saturday, June 23rd.'  She didn't have her walking calendar handy.  Still, that was her friendly 14-year-old reminder that she had an upcoming job with them.

I feel the need to write a book titled:  'Rules for Hiring Babysitters.'  Remember Geraldine and her 'cast a wide net' issue when hiring a sitter?  What is with these people?  Were they raised in a barn?

Is it me?  I feel like it just comes down to manners.  Plain and simple.  I may swear like a sailor, drive like Mario Andretti, and struggle to keep my home tidy, but I understand babysitter hiring etiquette 101.


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

How annoying! The only thing that I can think is that the mother-in-law will do it for free and they were probably covering their bases until they knew MIL could do it. Still, not Mini's fault and they should have cancelled her as soon as they knew MIL was available.

Ernie said...

Based on the house they live in and the fact that they moved from the city, they can afford to pay a babysitter. I think the mom flaked out. When I met with her, I told her more than once that we would put the date for the upcoming wedding on our calendar. Thankfully Mini has been making money as a caddy. I wasn't sure she would survive a day as a caddy.