June 14, 2018

an interesting sisterly exchange

A quick update.  The raccoon video that wasn't working on my 'No way!' post is now linked to the story.  Rather than making you look back, you can kick back and watch the sound the coons made here.  And the rescue here.  You're welcome!

The other day I told the girls that we would run to the mall and try to get Mini a new bathing suit after dancing on Wednesday.

The weather wasn't great on Wednesday, but it was the only chance I had to take the tots I sit for to the local pool before I began my summer break with no babysitting duties.  (rejoice).  A quick trip to the pool counted for our final field trip.

Curly and Mini were done with school and they were up for the excursion.  Mini stretched an old one piece over her super tall frame, but never bothered to remove the shorts and t-shirt she wore over the suit.  Curly was my only helper who got a little bit wet.  She watched the tots in awe and asked me:  'How can they stand to get wet when the water is SO COLD?'
Mini was happy to splash the boys, but was hoping not to get too wet.

After pushing nap time to the limits, we raced home to get the tots to bed.  Hours later we bolted to the dance studio where the girls had a one hour private lesson.

Walking into the studio, the girls were sharing a secret.  I noticed Mini trying to tell Curly something that she clearly didn't want me to hear.  What the heck?!  'What's going on girls?'  They just shrugged at me innocently, 'Oh, nothing.'

After dancing we arrived at my favorite department store and both girls announced that they had to go to the bathroom.  I pointed them in the direction and looked at a rack of clothes nearby.

We started our bathing suit search in the children's department.  Honestly, shopping in the juniors department for a bathing suit frightened me.  If we were looking for a bikini, Mini might find something in children's.  She is skinny and tall.  No chance a one piece would work, but a bikini is very forgiving when it comes to height.

We grabbed a couple of size 16 suits for Mini.  Curly found a bikini marked down low enough that I told her she could try it on.  Every year I end up buying her one new suit.  I know from experience that some suits that pass the end of season test will end up with elastic that stretches, but doesn't bounce back.

I sent the girls into the fitting rooms while I asked at the register whether or not a suit we loved might be available in a bigger size at another location.  It wasn't.  Damn.  I could hear the scary junior section with the ruching-in-the-butt-crack bikini bottoms calling my name.  Whose idea was it to draw attention to butt cracks with elastic gathers there?  WHO?!

I found the girls in the fitting room.  They both had on a suit for my inspection.  I was starving for dinner and had warned them that we had to move fast.  I was checking out the fit of Curly's suit when I realized she wasn't wearing her underwear.

I gasped and snapped my head to face Mini, who I assumed knew better than to let her little sister try on a suit without underwear.  Curly quickly took off the bottoms.  'Sorry Mommy.  Good thing we are going to buy this one though.'  True, no one would have to try on a suit my kid just violated with her bare parts.  Still!

I continued shaking my head and talking to Mini about the mediocre suit she had on.  Out of the corner of my eye I realized that Curly was putting her little running shorts back on . . . minus her undergarments.  What the Hell?!  Why the aversion to underwear?!

'Where is your underwear?' I hollered.  Curly shot Mini a look.  Mini bit her bottom lip, and then spilled the beans.

'OK, I made her give me her underwear.  The baby was napping in my room after the pool.  When I changed out of my bathing suit for dancing I couldn't go back in my room, and my underwear was in there.  I was wearing the running shorts with built in underwear, so I didn't think it would be a big deal.  I forgot we were going bathing suit shopping.  I told Curly to give me her underwear so I could try on suits.  I didn't know she was going to try on a suit, too.  I didn't want you to know that I wasn't wearing underwear.'

Curly stood there shrugging.  'That's why we both went to the bathroom when we got here, because Mini was making me give her my underwear.'  This was the last explanation I expected.  Like, the LAST.

Never.  And I mean NEVER, did I swap underwear with one of my sisters.  For starters, neither of my sisters could have handled that.  Can you say:  wound tight?  I just shook my head, but mostly felt like I was doing something right to be raising a couple of girls who would fork over their under garments in a public restroom for one another.  Right?

'Girls!  What in the world?  Is this what you were whispering about on our way into the dance studio?  I am going to tell Katie (their college kid dance teacher, who loves them),' I teased.

Yes, this was the top secret conversation that was occupying them as we walked into the class.  'Oh, Katie already knows.  She was like what in the world are you two buzzing about during your lesson - so we told her about the underwear issue.'  Figures.

Well, we eventually hit the juniors section.  Yowza.  As I have previously mentioned, we located a couple of bikini tops but have struggled to find a matching bottom.  I thought the skimpiness of the offerings was going to be my biggest hurdle until I realized that locating a matching/coordinating  bottom might be even more challenging.

On the car ride home I heard the following dialogue in the backseat.  Curly told Mini, 'You still have to do it!'

Mini, 'No, I don't, because she found out.'

Apparently, Curly only offered her underwear in exchange for Mini taking her rotation to clean up the kitchen.

Twice in one night I realized how smart my girls are.  You rock, Curly.  Never offer your underwear for nothing.  Wait, what?  I settled the ordeal.  'Mini, it doesn't matter that I found out.  Curly gave you her flipping panties.  You are taking her kitchen duty.'

Curly, sighed:  'You can just do the kitchen one time for me, not two.'  Ah, sisterly love.  And just like that, it was all settled.  Except for the bathing suit dilemma.  Mini still needed bottoms for the graduation pool party on Friday.


Gigi said...

Ah life with kids! It's always something. And how kind of Curly to cut the kitchen time to two. Yep, you must be doing something right.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I love how they worked together!!!!

Ernie said...

It was very entertaining. The dancing teacher finds my girls quite entertaining. She got a big kick out of this one.

Ernie said...

Yes, I guess they would do just about anything to avoid getting me upset. Also, who wants to ruin a perfectly fine shopping expedition to admit that you forgot to wear underwear? We don't go shopping that often. It was such a hectic week that there wouldn't have been another day to fit it in.