May 5, 2018

Oh, Tuesday (part 1)

The other day my morning became a bit more hectic than normal.  It was a Tuesday.  Tuesdays should be known as the morning I am most likely to swear a blue streak.

Coach leaves for work before the sun is up AND I don’t get home from my workout until a few minutes to 7.  On his other 2 early days, my workout is after the kids go to school.  Showering after I workout/after kids have left the building means I get to spend the morning leisurely making lunches, unloading dishwashers, and making sure kids are moving.

Tuesday morning I walked in the house sweaty and jumped in the shower a few minutes to 7.  I woke Curly up on my way downstairs after my shower.  It was about 7:12.  Curly’s bus comes at 7:25.                                                                                                                                                                              I made Curly some oatmeal and blended a fruit smoothie protein shake thing for the masses.  Then I started the lunches.  

Ok this is NOT medusa mode. 
I know I have photos
of matted down scary hair,
 but coudln't come up with one
 just now.  Take my word for it.
Curly often wakes up with her curls in Medusa mode.  This was a Medusa morning.  Taming the craziness our of her hair slows her down tremendously, which is unfortunate because she is often fighting a losing battle.  She can’t win.  She might go to bed fresh after a shower and her wet curls dry and lose the 3D effect.  Can you say flat?  On a non-hair-washing night, she pops out of bed with matted down, mangled looking curls.  Have you ever seen the hair on a doll that has been neglected for decades?  There you go - now you have a visual.  

Getting Curly on the bus was an all-hands-on-deck situation.  Mini emerged from upstairs looking like a truck ran over her face.  I sent her to put toothpaste on Curly’s toothbrush in the first floor bathroom.  I told Reg to grab her shoes out of her locker so she could slip them on while swallowing oatmeal.  Then I barked at him to take the post at the front door and watch for the bus.  Because we are on the corner, we can see straight down the street.  We need all the help we can get.  

Tank with a kid on his lap. 
Not conducive to being ready
to leave for school.  This copped
 photo may not show his feet,
 but I can almost guarantee
that he doesn't have socks on.
To complicate matters, Ed was trying to get out the door at the same time as Curly.  He usually leaves about 15 minutes after our race-to-the-bus-or-die-trying episode.  Today the entire junior class was taking the SAT test.  He had to be at school early.  Translation:  Tank had to be ready early too.  Groan.

Curly ran out the door as Ed and I were shouting at Tank:  ‘Put down Carter!’  Tank’s biggest struggles in the morning include putting on socks, distancing himself from the tots I sit for, and movement in general.  Not necessarily in that order.  Two minutes later I noticed that Curly’s sandwich container was still sitting on the counter. I failed to toss it in her lunch box.  Damn.

And that was the most relaxing part of the morning . . . 


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Whew! And that's all by 7:30? Imma need to take a nap just reading this!

Ernie said...

This is why I LOVE SUMMER! I mean there are things to do and places to go, but no bus comes to my house and no little people to babysit.