May 25, 2018

Hello gorgeous!

 I digress . . . OK, this is a slight offshoot from Curly's show - that I have to share separately.  I promise to soon wrap up the highlight/unforgettable moment of the night and how it involved Reggie.

There was a discussion about trying to get to Curly's show a few minutes early to get seats, but we all agreed that standing in the back was perfectly acceptable.  When we arrived, there was an entire row of empty metal chairs in the back of the gym.  As we approached I heard a familiar voice.  ‘Well hello, Gorgeous!’  Oh, brother.  Andrea.

Andrea rubs me the wrong way.  Her kids used to attend Catholic school with mine.  She abruptly pulled her kids out of that school the day after Halloween.  She was working at the Catholic school as a technology teacher/aid/something minus impressive credentials.  The school opted to release her from this duty in the fall.
Mini, a friend, and Reggie as Tigger
while watching the big kids
parade around the gym at
our former Catholic school.

In both this photo where Curly is a cookie
 and the one below where she is Goldilocks
she is posed with Andrea's son at the
popular Halloween parade.
Since Halloween is a big deal at our former Catholic school, she waited until the next morning and then instructed her kids not to put on their uniforms.  They would not be returning to Catholic school.

I didn’t initially believe the ‘yanking-kids-from-school-with-no-warning’ story that another mom whose kids still attend the Catholic school shared with me.  Andrea’s middle daughter landed in Mini’s gym class and she confirmed to Mini how she learned about her school transfer as a 7th grader.  Cray-cray.

My four oldest as Jawa, Yoda, Princess Leah, and Chewy.  This was our Christmas card.  Verbage:  'May the force be with you this Christams and all thru the New Year'
My star wars crew watching Laddie in the parade.
They have been at our public school since November 1st, and Andrea's son is in Curly’s grade.  This explains Andrea and her family's attendance at the 4th grade show.  The fact that Andrea's kids are enrolled in our school is still something I haven't completely adjusted to.  Fortunately, I don't cross paths with them much, which is why I froze briefly when I heard Andrea's canned, nauseating greeting.

This costume that we dubbed 'knight
riding on the horse' is completely
irrelevant here, but I saw it
 when I was looking for photos from
the Halloween parade at our former
 Catholic school and I thought
 it was worth sharing.  All four of my
 boys proudly wore this, and had people
doing double takes all up
 and down the street!

While Andrea definitely knows my name, she only ever greets me as ‘Gorgeous.’  Cringe factor:  off the charts.

But, the show must go on . . .


Gigi said...

Did you make all these costumes?! I'm in awe.

We all have someone who just rubs us the wrong way - I am usually *just* courteous enough and pretty much ignore them.

Ernie said...

Yes, I made those costumes. I think my best work was my Sesame Street costumes. If you haven't seen those - do a search on my blog for 'Sesame Street' - I think they will come up.

I am good at ignoring too. The problem with this chick is that we WERE friends and I had to put distance between me and the crazy train. Ugh.