April 4, 2018

the ice-man

Last week a man from the appliance store came to inspect the brand new freezer.  It was installed in late December, but hasn't made ice yet.  The contractor (the one who speaks like Gru from 'Despicable Me') suggested forever ago that the plumber should check the water line.  Maybe it wasn't set up properly.  Two months later while we waited impatiently to add ice to our cups of water, he arranged for the plumber to peek at the water line.  It was fine.
Top left:  bags of frozen cookies, directly beneath
 that is where there are little pegs where the
door that Tank broke is supposed to be.
 And at the bottom is our eternally empty ice bin.

So when the appliance guy (that I hesitated to call for 2 months while I waited for our contractor to get the plumber out here to verify that it wasn't his mistake - are you following this?  Think of how exausting this process is AND then imagine drinking tepid water while this was all happening) arrived, he messed with the freezer.

I showed him the small interior door that is supposed to hang down over the ice bin or something.  Tank broke it off when the freezer was less than a week old.  I explained that my 6 foot freshman wears a size 15 men's shoe and NEVER stops eating despite our famine like conditions.  I guessed that the plastic door was interfering with his ability to pillage thru my stash of homemade frozen cookies.  When he stopped chuckling, he ordered a replacement mini-door thing.  Then he told me that the ice would fill up overnight.  We were to toss out the first batch.  After that we could ingest the ice.  Yippee.

I texted Ed who is forever complaining about the lack of ice.  I have bought bags of ice several times, but that isn't really the point.  Chiseling away at ice is a bit of an annoyance when we have a top-of-the-line brand new freezer.

Without glasses of ice water accessible to him, Ed has taken to consuming many disposable water bottles a day.  He doesn't have the genetic makeup that allows him to toss the empties away.  I counted over 25 discarded water bottles littering his room one day.  That is not an exaggeration.  I think I was too upset to snap a picture as I collected his recyclable litter.

The morning after the freezer repair guy was here, I prepared to shovel the ice into the sink to make room for the fresh ice.  There were only a few cubes.  The digital readout was in messed-up mode again.  I called the guy back.  He casually mentioned that fact that he had ordered a new controller for my freezer -as if this was common knowledge.  Why, oh why, did he not mention our malfunctioning controller the day before?

That was cold, don’t you think?  (Pun intended).


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

My kids are the same with the water bottles! It is so annoying. I hope your freezer gets fixed soon. Appliance problems are so frustrating!

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

Ugggggg that sounds so frustrating! I hope that the new controller does the trick.

Gigi said...

That is irritating. But it's still under warranty, right?

Ernie said...

The freezer was a floor sample, but it is a Thermador. They have been very good about agreeing to get it fixed. If the stupid contractor had asked the plumber to check it months ago we wouldn't still be without ice.

Ernie said...

I am posting an update soon. As usual, there is more to the story!

Ernie said...

Oh, yes. It was a floor sample freezer, but it is a Thermador. The lady at the appliance store that I have worked with has been wonderful. If she knew what the repairman put me thru I think he would be out of a job. I am not going to share. He loused things up more . . . that post is coming soon.