March 16, 2018

Sleep-you will (I know I will)

Just so you can all sleep better tonight, I thought I would share the good news.  My airbnb reservation nonsense has been sorted out.

It is St. Pat's weekend, so I have very little energy left to stay awake and type this . . . such is the existence of a mom with Irish dancers.  Still, I didn't think it was right to collapse into my bed and leave you hanging for ANOTHER day.  I mean what if you don't have enough green beer at your disposal to drown your anxiety about MY reservation?  Sleep can wait.

Have you noticed that sometimes when you search for something on google you get a different list of options if you change the wording just a tad?  Well, guess what?  I typed a different phrase into google while searching for a phone number for airbnb.  I promise it didn't involve any derogatory terms or cuss words even though I was feeling like letting loose on this website.

No surprise the company never responded to my inquiry about my missing reservation.  The website does state that responses will happen in 24 hours.  Maybe their clocks are also made of air.  I decided to once again try to call them.  My new search showed a link to one of those companies that makes customer service phone number suggestions.  Like:  this number will get you a live person, or this number has the shortest wait time, etc.

The number finding company explained that airbnb (which should probably be capitalized, but I don't consider them proper.  So, no capitalization for them) didn't publish their number.  They also went on to describe the high volume of airbnb users who often contact them looking for a number in order to resolve a problem.  So, this awesome company chose to publish the airbnb number themselves.  Yeah, them.

The number finding company warned that the wait times would be lengthy.  I handed Coach the phone and gave him a list of info about my missing air reservation.  Then I went to bed, because dancing duty was going to have me out of bed at 3:40 am.  After waiting for 40 minutes on the phone, a lady helped him.

The mystery is that I unknowingly created a THIRD account at airbnb.  Who does that?  This frazzled mom of six does, apparently.  Total mistake.  Led to a horrible headache and tons of anxiety.  Oops.

The lady told me what two email addresses I needed in order to access my two different reservations.  Neither of them are addresses that I use often.  I asked her to combine the accounts and link them to my real, regular, everyday email.  Turns out that was about as likely as this lady offering my Scotland boarding free of charge for my struggle.

Coach had to wake me up to go over a few details with airbnb lady.  I am glad it was sorted out, but it sucked to wake up, chat with her, and then try to go back to sleep.  I knew that 3:40 am alarm was going to suck.  I was having a hard time going back to sleep because it was like I had just taken a power nap.  Coach offered to rub my back for me.

This is a perk of being married to a Physical Therapist.  There aren't many other perks, so keep your jealousy in check.  Hello, crazy hours?!  Anyway, my husband was rubbing my back a bit to help me relax into what was going to become my temporary, way-too-short state of sleep.  I had once again dragged him thru some drama for a lost reservation.  (Do you remember the confusing font my confirmation number was printed in for Spirit airlines two years ago when we were heading to National Championships?  The lower case letter 'L' that looked like the number '1' or vice versa?  That moment when I was told 'your reservation was cancelled' almost caused me to faint.) 

Here we were again.  Emergency avoided.  Coach always able to remain calm.  Always confused about why I can't.  And the back rub.  I felt like his hands hesitated a little too long near my neck.  This was his chance . . . to strangle his crazy wife.  Who would blame him?


Unknown said...

Maybe he can relax because you are so good at your job? The downside of being a rock star mom of 6 and supportive wife, kuddos to you!

Unknown said...

Safe travels! Best wishes to your dancers!!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!!