March 20, 2018

Aerosol can

I have a post all set and ready to go tonight, but this just in.

I'm at the airport preparing to board the plane for Scotland with my dad and Mini and Curly.  Coach dropped us off at 8 pm. Our flight is at 11 pm.

No sooner had we stepped inside and Dad heard an announcement on the loudspeaker.  It had something to do with aerosol cans not being allowed in either carry on luggage or checked bags.  Mini heard it too.  I guess I was too busy hauling an enormous bag to the 'C' counter, because American Airlines didn't feel it necessary to staff counter 'A' which was right inside the door labeled 'international check in'.

Dad walked to a bench and promptly started digging thru his bag.  He was mumbling about mom packing for him.

I asked an employee what the rule was on the aerosol cans.  They had to be under 3.4 oz.  Damn.  I had one in my checked bag that was 3.5 oz.  Its a color spray for Curly's hair so that it matches her wig color.  Don't get me started.

Anyway I told Dad that his can of shaving cream was probably small.  We got in the line for the counter.  Then he got on his knees and started rifling thru his bag again.  Meanwhile I called Mom.  'Any idea how big this can is or where it is?' I asked. 

Mom always responds to alarming situations by getting loud.  True to form she started shouting that it was like 2 oz. I convinced Dad to get off his knees. 

At the front of the line, he waved us ahead.  'I'll check in myself.  You go ahead.'

'Dad, you're on my ticket.  We are checking in together.' 

Pray for me.

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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Oh my goodness! I hope you guys made it on the plane with no problem and I hope by now you are safely in Scotland!!