February 27, 2018

translating 'cris'

I chose to share this one because
I anticipate that it will be appreciated
 by one of my favorite bloggers
who is also a devote knitter:
 'The more, the messier'. 
Mini wrote for the letter 'Y'
 in her kindergarten journal: 
'My yarn is running away.' 
My yurn is runeen a way')
Who has time for blogging and housework and whipping up fabulous meals and attending an average of 8 basketball games a week and driving to Irish dancing 5 times a week when there is an important project in the works over here?  Certainly not this over-the-top-project-taker-oner.

I never thought of myself as a perfectionist, but my latest project suggests that I might be in denial.  Well, maybe I fall short of being a perfectionist and just revel in being extremely thorough. 

I may have mentioned that I decided to organize some cute/funny photos of the kids to hang in giant frames in the basement.  It started when I emptied the study closet in order to have the hardwood floors refinished.  I discovered an envelope of photographs that I set aside at some point in order to display them in the basement.  I guess I got distracted, or something, because those pictures were just hidden away in the closet.   

We think this is a zipper on the ground. 
Mini clearly struggled to
incorporate the letter Z in her
 writing as she wrote:
  'Huny wut era you doon.  Nuthyn.' 
 Honey, what are you doing?  Nothing. 
(chasing a zipper across the grass is implied).
Well, I became refocused.  The only issue is that I felt like there were many, many more photos that would qualify as cute/funny.  I hated to create photo arrangements that were technically incomplete. 

Now weeks later, I have combed thru almost every photo album that I created prior to the digital photo age.  I have yanked the majority of the pictures out of the albums, scanned them into my computer, replaced them in the albums, and have begun to upload these non-digital versions to Snapfish.  I've also paged thru thousands of photographs already stored at Snapfish and added the cute/funny variety to my cart. 

The project is overwhelming with no end in sight.  I have yet to add the non-digital, recently-scanned photos to my cart, so why is my cart already busting at the seams at 1,400 photos?  I guess because I took a hell of a lot of cute/funny pictures over the years.  I intend to go back thru all these photos before I actually purchase them.  (Ah, more time consumption.  Remember the gift(s) from my aunt?  Talk about memories and housework avoidance).  Some I plan to crop.  Others I plan to eliminate knowing that I have uncovered higher ranking photos that can be considered extremely cute/funny vs regular cute/funny.  This part of the process might prove challenging. 

This is Laddie's jaguar picture. 
There is a zebra one that is
equally awesome.  His zebra also eats
grass aka 'cris'.  To see
it you might have to
visit the stairwell
leading to our basement.
Along the way, I also organized the kids' big boxes of artwork and memorable school papers.  These gems were also being stored in the study closet.  You know where this is going?  I always meant to frame their art.  Since being thorough is my goal, I have now organized several giant poster sized frames full of their art work and their amusing writing samples from kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades. 

We could wallpaper the entire house in these photos, kiddie art, and hilarious misspelled stories.  Not sure how many frames will fit in the basement, but I have big plans for the stairwell.  It's prime real estate for eye-candy like this!

Laddie called yesterday when I was trying to squeeze in as many kindergarten papers as possible into one of the gi-normous frames.  I asked if he could recall what he was implying when he wrote in kindergarten:  'My jaguar likes to eat hay, cris, and more hay.'  (none of it was spelled correctly but 'cris' was the only word I wasn't sure about). 

Without hesitation he informed me that 'cris' was grass.  Makes perfect sense. 


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

This whole project makes me shake when you mention it. How time consuming!?! But good for you for doing it. Our photos are literally all over the place and the thought of trying to get them together some how makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and stay there....

Ernie said...

Time consuming foir sure! But I think it will be so fun to see all the photos and art projects/ school papers when it is done. If I could turn my desire to organize all things photo/memory for other people into a business, that would be awesome. I know so many people that don't have pictrures in albums. I haven't updated albums in about 4 years or maybe more, and that makes me cringe!