February 20, 2018

teenage outings AFTER MIDNIGHT?!! Not on my watch

More about Tank's sleepover . . .

Tank's movie-seeing-basketball teammates finally texted to say that when the movie ended their folks said 'no' to the sleepover.  I wanted to ask them if they had ever asked their folks about Tank's invite back on Thursday when Tank claims he invited them.  Had they not heard about my taco dip, or my cookies?  I guess teenagers change their plans faster than they can draft text messages.  Still I thought it was kind of crappy.  Tank didn't seem bothered by it. 

Maybe the kids are right.  Maybe I just don't know 'stuff'.

I was still awake at 11:45 and I noticed that Tank was coming upstairs from the basement quite a bit.  He even looked out on the deck thru the shade at one point.  I was suspicious, but also tired.  I was working on my picture project on the family room couch.  I initially stayed awake because I thought it would be weird for guests to arrive after I was in bed - not that I should expect them to greet me or anything.  Now I planned to go to bed once I had organized my last stack of photos.

I asked Tank what his deal was.  Every time he appeared he commented on how he couldn't believe I was still awake.  Red flag?  I asked him why he was looking outside.  He told me he wanted to see how much it snowed.

Evidence of the late night escape.
 Crazy kids!
Sunday morning Tank's coat was on the family room floor serving as a throw rug in front of the sliding door to the deck.  His shoes and other shoes were on top of the coat.  Obviously he and his guest/s had left the house AFTER MIDNIGHT!  (Are you groaning with me?)

Tank and one buddy appeared for my big breakfast extravaganza at 10 am.  The other buddy left at 8 am before I was downstairs (oh, I did see the back of the girl's head as she left the house close to 10 pm).  I asked about the late night outing.  Tank said his buddy's phone needed to be charged, so his buddy walked to the Shell station to buy a charger.

What?!  Uncool.  I reminded him that we may not have iPhones, but that I do own an iPad.  I'm guessing my charger would have worked.  This kid's folks assumed he was safe in our house, not trolling the streets in search of an iPhone charger.  Well, even though I don't know them, I assume they were under that impression. 

Tank claims that he didn't actually leave the house.  Maybe he just stood on the deck to orient the kid to where the Shell station is located.  It's about a mile away from our house.  Sure, I believe that Tank stayed put while his friend ventured out.  Now my head hurts. 
Maybe I should have had it examined after all. 

I'm afraid Tank' high school career is going to put my patience to the test.

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