February 6, 2018

New math or contractor math?

A quick update from the resident Dumb Ass on the kitchen drama.

To be clear, I know we owe the kitchen crew the next payment.  They spread the payments out over the duration of the job.  They gave me a schedule.  The amount I would owe corresponded with various construction/remodel milestones.  Pretty standard. 

Exhibit A:  my calendar is positioned
 over the new built in bench
 by the mini island (I have nicknamed
this the snack bar).  Soon we will
have the option of sliding the
 barn doors in front of it.  As an aside,
Mini has repeatedly told me that she
can't believe I came up with the
idea for the little built in bench,
and mini island that houses the
 fridge drawers.  I may not be a
self-taught kitchen designer,
but I occasionally have a good idea!
Avoiding us for 3 weeks sent up a red flag that has me wondering how legit their bookkeeping is.  We definitely owe more than the designated payment on my handy-dandy schedule, because some things went over budget.  I totally accept that.  For instance, the little barn doors we are installing in front of the recessed, command-central calendar were an added expense.

KD (kitchen designer) emailed me on Thursday with the statement that I requested.  I almost fell over.  Now they are asking for a check for $6,000 more than the amount KD asked for the week prior.  AND they claim that this total includes the $5,000 credit that I was supposed to receive towards appliances.  Riddle me this:  how can my additional expenses INCREASE by $6,000 from one week to the next?

It seems like I'm being slapped on the wrist for asking for a statement.

First of all, the appliance credit changed to $3,600 from the originally discussed $5,000.  Supposedly this has something to do with the materials that I chose.  Interesting.  They never mentioned how materials would impact the 5 grand in the beginning?

I was shaking for the rest of the day on Thursday.  I was worried that they wouldn't come and do any of the electrical work they were supposed to do on Saturday, if I didn't give them a check on Friday.

No one bothered to show up on Friday, so dodged that 'give-us-a-check' bullet.  In good news, the electrician DID grace us with his presence on Saturday.  He installed the fridge drawers in the mini-island and light fixtures over the island.  Wonders never cease.

I want the owner to sit down and have a face to face with Coach and I before we write him a check.  Before I demand a face to face, I need to nail Coach down to an available time.  I tried for this last week.

Coach agreed to work late for one of his employees on Friday.  (Here is where I blew a gasket.  All the man does is work.  Let someone else cover for Joe Blow.  Damn it).  He taught a class on Saturday AND Sunday.  Monday he works from 5 am till about 9 pm.  Maybe Wednesday?

Someone suggested that I ask jerky kitchen people to send all invoices pertaining to our project to our accountant.  I like that idea.  We might owe them exactly what they claim we owe them, but they are just tossing me numbers about how much we owe for cute barn doors and over-budget counters, etc.  I am not seeing any invoices to back up their math.  Is this what we refer to as new math?

Do you vote for a sit down?  Do you vote that Coach should work less?  (ha - I crack myself up)  Do you vote for the invoices to go to my accountant?  Do you vote that I stop posting about my kitchen?  Vote now! 

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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I would ask for the invoices before having the sit down. Just tell them you want to make sure you understand all the numbers. Although I'm surprised they aren't already giving you that. When we did our kitchen remodel (it was a husband and wife team - she designed and ran the project and he did all the grunt work that didn't need subs - and when we did need subcontractors, she scheduled them all) they sent us every invoice with the bill. Something fishy is going on here - especially if they are asking for round numbers.... seems like they should be asking for an exact sum.