February 18, 2018

cousins, sleep overs, and dangers of sitting down

I am in a funk.  I'm guessing it is because Coach was teaching a class all weekend.  He was in town, but it was like he was at work.  I was not thrilled to handle all the family 'stuff' solo for the weekend.

Eddie flew to Omaha on Saturday afternoon to visit Creighton.  He is staying with a cousin from Coach's side.  Having a cousin show you the ropes during a college visit is a great way to get a feel for a place, so I'm assuming this school will receive high marks.

My sister hosted the younger set of nephews for a sleepover last night.  She has a new townhouse, and wanted to have them all over while her daughter was at her dad's place.  Reg was excited to hang with four boy cousins from my side.

7 layer taco dip - after it was enjoyed.
Instead of embracing the quiet house with two kids sleeping elsewhere, I suggested to Tank that he invite his group of buddies over here.  They could sleep over, too.  I must have my head examined.

I did forget, when I was being so generous, that Coach would not be here Sunday morning to help whip up a big breakfast for a bunch of teenage boys.  Again, head examination needs to be scheduled.

I asked Tank several times if he did indeed invite the guys.  Were they coming?  How many?  This kid is not big on details.  He finally told me Saturday afternoon that he had like 6 guys coming.  I made a batch of 7 layer taco dip and picked up 36 little bottles of Gatorade.  We still had about 5 unopened bags of chips (I overdid it) from Ed's Superbowl party, and I always have dozens of my infamous cookies in the freezer.  All those numbers, there must be a mathematical equation in there somewhere.

Coach's mentor from his fellowship years was in town for the class, so he met him out for a beer last night.  The girls and I watched a movie.  I intended to put a movie on for them so I could continue to  scan a bunch of photos into my desktop that were taken prior to owning a digital camera.  Don't ask.  Anyway, I made the mistake of sitting down on the couch while I found a movie that I hoped was suitable for them.  Sitting down was my mistake.  I never got up.
I had the great idea to hang some photo collages in the basement.  I was going to use extra photos hanging around, but I felt like that would make the project incomplete.  Knowing that I had lots of other 'frame-worthy' photos, I decided to be more thorough.  It's official.  I am  crazy.  Taking non-digital photos out of albums and scanning them into my overly taxed hard drive, staring at my online storage of digital photos captured in the last 12 years:  just a few of the steps of this now over-the-top photo project.

Tank was in there watching the movie with us, too.  Odd.  I thought his friends were coming over.  One buddy texted to say he was hanging out with a girl, was it OK if she came over?  I said sure, but she WAS NOT sleeping over.  Tank's her not participating in the sleepover was implied.  Phew.  Anyway, a couple of guys (and the plus 1) showed up at like 8:30.  Tank initially told me 7:00.  Then 7:30.  Again, details.

I asked where the basketball team pals were.  He said they went to see a movie, so they might come afterwards.

I blame cell phones and perhaps poor manners:  the two teenage boys texted Tank that they had arrived, so he could meet them at the door.  I later saw their shoes in the front hall, but never actually laid eyes on them.  There was no doorbell ringing, no 'hi, nice to meet you.'  Tank is a freshman, so I am not familiar with this group.

Apparently they'd like to keep it that way.
(That's not where the story ends, just where this post ends . . . )

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