November 20, 2017

too much?

I did end up making breakfast sandwiches.  They were met with rave reviews.  So, naturally, I made more.  Way more. 

I wasn't detail oriented enough after the first batch to realize that not everyone was a huge fan of the breakfast sandwiches.  Tank hates vegetables in his eggs.  Actually, I think he is opposed to all healthy food items in general.  Vegetables in particular.  His idea of breakfast is a donut, or maybe even 8. 

Mass production lasts longer,
so that's how I roll!
Curly and Reg usually enjoy the eggs I scramble loaded with onions, green peppers, and tomatoes.  I swear they expressed some level of interest in these new morning creations, but by the second, ultra time consuming batch they were both moaning about the veggies being mixed into the eggs.  What?!

When the floating hands on Facebook whipped up a batch, it did seem to take no time at all.  I suppose if I tried to make one pan of eggs, I could've spent a lot less time trapped in the kitchen.  Since when do I make one tray of anything?

Mini loved them.  Now, this girl doesn't really like cereal.  She's OK with a bagel, but often doesn't have enough time.  She can eat a bowl of oatmeal, but doesn't always bother.  I've been begging her to beef up her breakfast routine for ages.  Her preference:  cinnamon swirl toast.  I decided it was worth the effort to even get one kid to inhale a decent breakfast each morning.

Eddie.  I had him at 'protein.'  This kid is overly tuned into what he eats, and by default what everyone else eats.  He was most excited that there would be a steady supply of breakfast sandwiches for him to include in his 4 course breakfast routine (no exaggeration).  Coach was also pleased with the new offering.  He even fine tuned the microwave process. 

He encouraged the kids (really just Mini and Eddie, since the rest quickly turned against me and my dedicated time in the kitchen) to cook the sandwich for a minute and then flip it over and cook for another minute.  They had some issues with the English muffin becoming too soggy.  Can you hear that?  It's the violin I am playing for those gluten-eating bastards.  Soggy bread?  Sounds horrific, how do you manage?

My gluten free versions were tasty, but somewhat hard to eat without the bread.  I did my best to wrap them in the lunch meat.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw a bit of the cheese melted onto the parchment paper.  Damn how I hate to miss out on a single morsel of approved food.  The bread eaters also struggled to peel the parchment paper off of the sandwich once it was heated up.  Bits of it would get stuck to the English muffin.  (Cry me a river - what's so bad about eating bread with a smackeral of parchment paper on there?  Beats no bread at all, I say!)

So, either I misread the vibe from the family or the novelty just wore off a lot faster than I could have ever anticipated.  On the third batch, I focused on creating a few trays of eggs without any veggies.  Coach was horrified that I would cater to finicky eaters.  True, but I argued that a sandwich with eggs was better then a bagel. 

Oh, the night of 70 sandwiches was grueling!
One back-breaking night, I overdid it.  Curly helped me wrap the sandwiches in the paper.  We counted.  I had unwittingly made 70 sandwiches.  Coach asked me where I planned to store all of them.  Oh.  Hadn't thought of that. 

Those little I-don't-like-veggies-in-my-egg kids STILL turned up there noses when I subtracted the veggies.  The nerve.  There were still some rumblings about the parchment paper from my breakfast-sandwich-fan-club.

Yep, my almost 15 yr old hiding
his partially eaten sandwich under
his seat cushion.
Tank's fakeout: stepping outside
to spit out his eggs.  Trust me,
these were GOOD eggs!
One morning Coach was home.  He insisted that Tank eat a sandwich.  Let's just say it became a battle of the wills.  There may not have been egg on my face, but I later found eggs spit out on the front porch and part of Tank's bread stuck under a chair cushion.   

Thanks, Facebook for the easy recipe.


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

70 sandwiches!?!?! Ah, the joys of a large family. I can't even imagine making 70 of anything (except maybe cookies!). And even 70 cookies would probably go bad here before they could get eaten. Luckily my best friend has 4 big kids and they will eat ANYTHING! I love to send my rejects to them.

Gigi said...

For what it's worth - your sandwiches sound very tasty. And if you want to ship some of them here, I'll accept them with a smile! Those picky eaters will one day look back and regret what they didn't enjoy when you were providing it.

Ernie said...

70 was too much! It is so challening to cook in the limited-space basement that I decided to over-produce so that I wouldn't have to whip up another batch. Now I'm just waiting till the kitchen is done. I ended up keeping some fresh - not frozen - last time and they were AMAZING! I think when I make more I will keep them fresh - because they will get eaten quickly (assuming I don't go ape-shit and make 70).

Ernie said...

They are quite tasty, damn it. My kids aren't usually picky, so this threw me for a loop. AND oh how good they are fresh. With a complete kitchen and a huge ass fridge, I plan to keep a bunch fresh. Pure heaven!