November 29, 2017

stress headache - but I was trying not to be stressed!

I have almost recovered from the exhausting weekend of Irish dancing championships.  I'm getting caught up on sleep, I managed to squeeze in a couple of loads of laundry, and I have high hopes that my nagging headache will soon release me from its powerful grip.

Coach had a bad cold that started on black Friday.  It turns out that a man with a cold, who had to work like 14 hours the day after Thanksgiving followed by a shift on Saturday really can make a day feel black.  When my head started throbbing on Saturday I feared that this was the beginning of cold symptoms that he may have shared with me.  I did not want to deal with a cold while I was trying to cheer on the girls on Sunday.

So no, I didn't get the cold but the damn headache has been coming and going every since.  Mornings start out OK, but as the day wears on my eyes feel sucked into my skull and the pressure in my noggin is bone crushing.

I've had a headache like this before, but I couldn't remember at first how I survived it - or what I decided was the root of it.  I blame the distracting throbbing of my head for my memory loss here.  Since I'm married to a physical therapist, I requested constant deep massages to help relieve the pain.  And it worked . . . temporarily.  I kept wondering if I could be coming down with a sinus infection, but I never got Coach's cold.  Could severe muscle strain from a bootybarre class be to blame?  I don't do bootybarre all that often, so I thought I tensed up too much in the shoulders while I was strengthening my poor booty. 

I may not drink caffeine often, but
I need to make a mental note
 that this can help my stress headaches. 
Because, hey - life is stressful. 
I think it is remarkable that I haven't
had one for almost a year.  And to think,
I was MUCH less stressed than
normal about the dancing competition. 
I forced myself to relax, because it just isn't worth it.  
Then I remembered in a moment of clarity late last night that the last time I felt this way, I saw a doctor.  It started last Christmas and on my birthday, December 30th, I surrendered and made an appointment to seek professional help.  She thought I had a migraine headache brought on by stress.  Stress?  At Christmas?  What?  Oh, last Christmas was a doozie.  My hubby might be great at massaging muscles, when I beg enough or when I am rendered completely helpless by a horrific head ache, but he has no involvement with gifting, wrapping, buying, baking, envelope stuffing, addressing, etc.

Last year the doctor suggested I drink caffeine to get rid of my on-going headache.  Caffeine is not one of my vices, buy I got almost instant relief.

You better believe that as soon as I am out of my pajamas this morning, I am running out to get an ice cold coke.

Please stay tune for an update on how the girls did at dancing championships.  Promise to share soon . . .


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I hope the Coke did the trick! I hope the girls did well! And what about the headdress? Did you ever get a picture?

Ernie said...

Yes the coke helped - either that or I was just recovering anyway. It always came back full force in the afternoon. Didn't wait around to find out. Coach is all 'mind-over-matter' - no thanks. If I know of a possible fix, I'm all in.

No photos yet. I have asked more than once. Lad did call this afternoon, but I didn't bring it up. If it becomes 'a thing', he will get ticked at me and never produce photos. He's a complicated guy. Trust me. Hard to get a read on him. Which is why, a month of Christmas break on the horizon makes me a bit leery.

Gigi said...

My first thought was sinus headache - usually if I can feel it in the eyes that's what it is. But yes, caffeine, generally helps with headaches - sinus ones or not.

Gigi said...

My first thought was a sinus headache - when I get those, I feel it in the eyes. And yes, caffeine generally helps most headaches. I think most pain relievers (Tylenol, etc.) contain caffeine.

Ernie said...

How did I not know this about caffeine? Since I saw your comment, I saw an add for Excedrin migraine plus caffeine. Why am I always the last to know?