November 16, 2017

fun fact about me

I rarely visit Facebook, but a few months ago I saw someone post one of those easy recipe videos complete with anonymous hands.  The floating hands were demonstrating how to create  breakfast sandwiches.  I decided to give it a try. 

Fun fact about me:  I ate the same thing for breakfast my entire childhood and a good portion of my adulthood.  Cheerios.  I even had a unique technique of absentmindedly/furiously dunking the o's in the milk before I ate them.  This became obvious when my friends poked fun at me at the dining hall in college.  Now I am requesting that you share a fun fact about yourself in my comments.  Come on - you can do it.  It doesn't have to be food-centric, but that works!

Ah, the dining hall.  Ah, college.  Why did I take for granted walking into a building where food was already prepared for me?  Where I could SIT DOWN to eat a meal AND enjoy pleasant conversation?  So what if my lack of adventurous eating habits and my cheerio dunking issues were targeted?  

Basement kitchen work area,
where the breakfast sandwiches
were about to be mass
I've outgrown my hesitation to try new food.  Remember, I hadn't tried a taco prior to college.  Another favorite past time in the dining hall was when my roomies enjoyed playing a little game of 'Have you ever eaten ______ (fill in the blank with some seriously basic food group)?'  I credit my mom's picky eating habits with the fact that so many foods were just never introduced to me.

Now that I am well aware of the benefits of a hearty breakfast, I try to encourage my offspring to ingest something decent for their first meal of the day.  I am all about protein.  Cheerios are great, but I push more than a bowl of cereal.  So these breakfast sandwiches seemed like just the thing.  According to the directions, these sandwiches could be stored in the freezer for up to 2 months.  I chuckled at the thought of anything lasting in my freezer for two months.
Coach forgot to put
 outlets in the basement
kitchen, so from this angle
you can see the microwave
set up on a toddler table in
order to be plugged in. 
It works so much better
when we don't blow a fuse
down there.  

Since being diagnosed with Celiac disease, I try to stretch out my available eats for as long as possible, so I don't run out of options too early.  I don't know about you, but I dislike going to bed hungry.  I can always resort to eating ice cream (not cookies and cream or anything crazy good like that, but still).  Filling up on ice cream can get ugly really fast though.  I start my day with gluten free oatmeal, and I typically have eggs late morning. 

The thought of stockpiling an easy egg food creation in the freezer was enticing.  I thought:  hey, maybe I won't be scramblin' to whip up eggs on a busy morning.  (get it!?)

Photos of my breakfast sandwich making ordeal to follow, but first a fun fact about Y-O-U!  Come on - you promised. 


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Fun fact - I gained 20 pounds as a freshman thanks to the never ending supply of food in the dorm cafeteria. My parents, not wanting me to go hungry, purchased the meal plan that allowed me to eat unlimited amounts of food at every meal. Then, two years later when I got an apartment and had to start cooking for myself, I immediately dropped those twenty pounds! Unfortunately it doesn't work like that today! :)

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

Okay, so I will play along! And I will copy you and choose something about me that relates to food AND to college teasing! So, I hate tomatoes. HATE. But I love noodles and tomato sauce, as long as the sauce is totally smooth. But that didn't exist in college, and sometimes the only option was noodles and sauce or not eating. So I would get a bowl of noodles and a separate bowl of sauce and dunk my noodles in the sauce. You know, to get the sauce essence without the chunks. My friends made fun of me SO MUCH. Which is all to say, I can relate! :-)

Gigi said...

My son pointed this out to me - apparently, when I sit down to a meal I never take a drink until I have finished. I was astonished, I'd never even noticed that I did that.

Ernie said...

Oh yes, I remember that. I knew nothing about healthy eating/bad choices. I was overjoyed to see 2 donuts on a plate each morning in the dining hall. Score! Oh yeah, I packed on the pounds. As a senior, my friends busted out laughing when they watched me pile on the cheese on something I was eating. After they pointed out how fattening cheese is, I admitted that I had no idea.

Ernie said...

I have only recently decided that I like tomatoes - but I chop them up very small in my salad. I still hate when a restuarant puts plum or cherry tomatoes in my salad - too big and explosive. Can't handle that in one bite. We could've sat together in college and provided lots of entertainment for people who eat 'normally.'

Ernie said...

For Mother's Day once Coach made a video of the kids talking. It was super cute. The highlight was Tank dressed in my pink terry cloth robe, wearing my glasses, and imitating how I look when I eat my oatmeal. It was a riot. I had no idea that I had a little ritual about blowing on the bite on my spoon, etc. Um, and since we started dating, Coach hated how I drank from a glass. He said I slurped too much - so he would constanly say 'gravity!' Maybe we should eat in front of a mirror every once in awhile. :)