June 3, 2017

thanks goodness it was a short week: Tuesday

This past week presented more challenges than what I might typically face in an average month.

Possible credits - before the errors were fixed.
Technically some of the drama fell into our laps late last week.  Friday night to be exact.  Coach opened a letter from the college where Laddie spent his freshman year.  According to this informative little piece of mail, Lad hadn't earned credit in 3 of his 5 second semester courses.  Laddie insisted that the letter was wrong.  Our 'time-to-face-the-music' (or in this case summer school) talk put a bit of a damper on the holiday weekend.

Registrar offices were closed, so we couldn't straighten anything out.  We investigated summer school options at the local junior college.  Lad put off registering for anything until he could inquire which courses his new college wanted him to take.  That phone call was scheduled with a slew of others for first thing Tuesday morning.

This many zeros on a transcript - not good!

Tuesday:  Lad received an email from a few of his professors over the weekend shedding a little light on his situation.  There was a little ray of hope - but hardly a rainbow.

One guy failed to record Lad's final paper.  His mistake.  Phew.  Apparently Lad had some technical difficulties in emailing in the paper by midnight when it was due.  When he contacted the prof, he was told to deal with the technology department on campus and send it in late.  No penalty.  My suggestion that he shouldn't have waited until midnight was met with disgust.  Lad explained that the paper COULDN'T be turned in until midnight.  Wow, college has changed so much in the last 24 years.  My mistake.

Unfortunately, that correction didn't elevate his grade to a respectable level and his new college wouldn't accept that course for credit.  His math professor agreed that Lad had earned a B, but wasn't sure why the registrar coded the course as a pass/fail class with no credit earned on Lad's transcript.  On Tuesday, Lad spoke to the registrar.  They fixed the math class error.  Phew.

When he talked to the school where he plans to play water polo in the fall, he discovered that the C- he earned in another class wouldn't transfer.  The lowest grade they would accept was a C.  Ouch.

A significant amount of my energy on Tuesday was spent assisting Laddie in registering for summer school classes.  The session started on Tuesday, so we were under the gun.  This adventure may sound simple, but his phone calls to his former school, future school, and summer school were punctuated with outbursts directed at his mother.

It seems I know very little - although MY college transcripts might tell a different story.  I wisely refrained from pointing that out.  The guidance that I offered was labeled as negative instead of what it really was:  factual.

At one point I stole a moment and texted Coach.  'I'm in Hell.'  Enough said.

And this was before the other exciting events that rounded out the week involving other family members.  Let's just say there was a suspension and broken bones.  Unrelated to grades or transcripts, these issues impacted two different kids.  Thus I've had a few days with no blog entries.  Energy was spent elsewhere.  

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