June 14, 2017

something to raise an eyebrow at

For the second time in my life, I scheduled a bikini wax for myself.  

My first experience, ions ago, ended in what I refer to as an 'incomplete' job.  It was rather hit or miss, with more misses than I considered acceptable.  What's the point of going thru with a bikini wax, if the results leave you still taming the area from time to time?  I shied away from repeating the hassle again . . .  until now.  I recently decided that I could handle giving it another try, but I opted for a more reputable place.

I called on a whim and they had an immediate opening.  I told the kids I would be home shortly.  I had an appointment.  Then I hopped in the car and headed over before I changed my mind.

I checked in with the receptionist and she went in the back to alert my esthetician (yes, that is the title attributed to this line of work - I googled it) that I had arrived.
While I waited the receptionist shared various packages with me.  I listened to her spiel, but became increasingly grateful that I do not have Chewbacca-like tendencies.

The esthetician showed me back to the room.  It was definitely an improvement over the under-furnished back room lit by a swaying florescent light at the first place I visited over a decade ago.  That memorable location was fittingly labeled 'the Hair Garden.' She showed me where I could hang my purse.  Then she said in a foreign accent, 'So, you are here for eyebrows?'  

You're welcome for not taking an actual photo of me in my bathing suit - or a close up of my apparently offensive eyebrows..
I would've thought she was joking, but I don't think there is much humor involved in body waxing.  Perhaps that's how they make their money . . . making suggestions.  I tried not to take it personally, as I directed her to the area that I wanted waxed.  

She was fast and thorough.  Over and done with before I was allowed much time to contemplate this awkward process.  Later I was pleased that upon inspection I noticed that her work was 'complete.'  

I left feeling relieved that it was over.  But wondering . . . are my eyebrows that bad?

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