May 15, 2017

It's always mother's day at our house: pan-licking goodness, a sign of thoughtfulness?

It's always Mother's Day at my house.  My kids leave me interesting gifts on a daily basis.  I never quite know what to expect.  Just Friday I opened the fridge and discovered that someone had polished off the remaining piece of a delicious dessert that I made last week for Tank's Confirmation dinner.  

Ah, Cherry dessert.  Yummy!  It didn't take long after my Celiac disease diagnosis (2 years and 9 days ago - but who's counting) to realize that I could use gluten free graham crackers for the crust on this crowd pleasing favorite.  Once the crust was altered - the other ingredients were acceptable.  Trust me, this epiphany came to me only after I spent oodles of time wallowing in my sorrow over my new sheet-cake-less life.  Now Cherry dessert remains at the top of my list, if I want to enjoy a celebration.  Of course the other option is to suffer thru an event watching everyone else indulge in tasty treats that are off limits to me.  

After eating the last piece of Cherry dessert, one of my offspring chose to leave the empty glass Pyrex container in the fridge.  I gasped out loud when I saw the dirty yet dessert-less glass dish taking up precious real estate on the second shelf.  

Nothing like a glass Pyrex dish smeared with graham cracker crumbs, hardened cherry topping, and dried-up creamy filling residue to tempt me to lick away to my heart's desire.  
The list of suspects was short.  I stumbled across Laddie first.  He feigned disgust that I would accuse him of such a crime.  I chuckled.  Perhaps he forgot that I raised him.  I'm no dummy.  Eating all the chips, or cereal, or bread, or ANYTHING and not bothering to toss out the container/wrapper/box - well, he perfected that maneuver.  He scoffed at my silliness because he is not eating dessert right now anyway.  He pointed out to me that he hasn't eaten any junk since he got home from college . . . less than 48 hours before the abandonment of the dirty casserole dish.  He's right.  I am crazy.

Once Lad was eliminated, I simply asked Tank why he left the dish in the fridge after eating the last piece.  He didn't bother to deny his involvement in the Cherry dessert caper.  His answer was simple.  He thought I might be interested in the crumbs.  What can I say?  Proud doesn't really cover it.  I was touched that he chose to consider my pan-licking needs.  

Am I the only one with thoughtful kids?  Tell me how your kids show that they are always 'thinking.'

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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Ha! What a thoughtful kid!