April 7, 2017

spring break - packing Baby Bear

The morning before we left to go to Lake Geneva for an overnight stay on the Sunday of spring break frustrated me.  I organized a stack of stuff I intended to pack, plugged in the crock pot, dealt with some laundry, and gathered up food for the trip.  Of course I scribbled out a list, so I wouldn't forget stuff.  Then I raced off to the health club to workout.

Coach thought he'd be able to leave the fellowship course he was attending in time to arrive home at  1:00.  I planned to get the rest of the stuff packed up after I worked out, so we could be ready to leave as soon as he got home.  Before I left the house, I instructed the kids to pack a bag.  'Include a bathing suit, clothes to play basketball in, clean underwear, your toothbrush, pajamas, something to wear tomorrow, and a book to read in the car.'

An hour later I walked in to find that very little had been accomplished - unless you count time wasted on Xbox games.  I don't.

The day before I had managed to get Tank mostly packed up for his Tuesday vacation to Hilton Head with his best friend.  This was no small task, because:  1.  he has laundry issues.  2.  his growth rate is hard to keep up with  3.  he doesn't care what gets packed.  

The kid never knows where his dirty laundry ends and his clean laundry begins.  This issue stems from his repeated habit of littering his floor with dirty clothes and dropping his fresh laundry piles in the middle of the room.  After a few days of kicking it all around, he convinces himself that it is all dirty and it lands back on the laundry room floor. 

No matter how many pairs of socks I purchase for this guy, he never has socks to wear.  EVER.  It's a mystery I have yet to solve, but I suspect that his pattern of peeling off dirty socks and dropping them in whatever room he lounges in adds to the problem.  Coach becomes annoyed regularly when he spies Tank sporting a pair of his socks.

After my workout, I dragged Tank upstairs to add a few items to his Hilton Head bag.  While I brought him up to speed, I called out to the other kids to pack their bags.  There is rarely a landline handset upstairs, and I left my cell in the kitchen.  No one heard (or no one bothered to answer the phone) Coach call to say he would be home much earlier than anticipated.  

Tank, who enjoys fiddling with my phone, noticed the message about 5 minutes before Coach walked in the door.  I ordered kids, who still hadn't even bothered to pack, to load their bags in the car.  I focused on organizing the groceries needed to sustain us for 24 hours in order to avoid hefty eating-out bills.  Mayhem ensued.  
Curly's tattered Baby Bear getting packed. 

Curly appeared in the kitchen and announced that she had almost forgotten her Baby Bear.  I think a moment later she wished she hadn't made that realization so public.  Older siblings sneered at her for still requiring a Baby Bear.  Then they berated me for not removing it from her grip years ago. 

Tank appeared wearing two different socks.  One black, one white.  Whatever. 

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