May 20, 2013

Never again?

While we were away, I  exchanged text messages with the friends who were caring for my crew.  There was a photo sent to me of Tetonka and Curly riding bikes with their friends.  They were the only two who doubled up, although this friend 'Ms. M' originally expressed an interest in hosting the youngest four.  Her generous (albeit crazy) offer was made after I had already committed Mini and Reggie to their closest friend's houses respectively.  Ms. M was genuinely bummed not to be relishing time with the fab four, who she took in last year while I worked like a maniac at running a garage sale fundraiser for the kids' school.  Mini and Reggie had second thoughts about skipping an awesome time with Ms. M to hang out with his/her best friend, so Reggie ended up joining Ms. M while waiting for his friend's mom to get him after her work day.  He scored the best of both world's, although his weekend ended up turning a bit dismal.  I also got messages asking permission for Eddie to see a PG-13 movie, and telling me that Mini and friend were getting along great as usual.  Of course Laddie failed to return my text asking him how the day in the life of a caddy panned out.  I later learned from Nana that he didn't get out.  Coach and I will be interested to hear how this transpired, did he sleep late? 

I tried not to be alarmed when Reggie's host mom, Ms. B, asked me to call her on Sunday morning.  I assumed, knowing Reggie's rough and tough tendency, that he had a broken limb.  No broken bones, but he was up all night throwing up.  Ugghhh!  What could I do but apologize profusely?   She explained that at first when Reggie complained of a tummy ache she thought maybe he just missed us.  "Not Reggie," I assured her.  She chuckled realizing what a silly thought that was. She assured me it was no problem, but wondered if she should still give him back to my mom, Nana, at the designated time.  I was confident having not thrown up for hours, that he would be on the mend and Nana would be fine with him. 

Today we return to the little darlings, future plumbing problems, a microwave that works sporadically, and a rigorous after school activity schedule.  Reggie surprised us all by repeating his Saturday night performance and throwing up from 3:30 am until 7 am for my mom early this morning.  I thought I was so clever to have arranged for Curly to spend the day with cousins to give Nana a break while the older kids were at school.  Now Nana is stuck at my house with Reggie and Curly, who can't play with cousins for fear she will fall ill next.  Nana survived a spell of crippling frustration this morning when the TV and remote decided to rebel against her.  At long last PBS graced the screen, and happiness was restored. 

I'm glad we enjoyed ourselves this trip, because the chances of us getting away again before Curly departs for college, are slim to none.  Sometimes the best laid plans leave you feeling like you have a debt of gratitude that you are unable to repay.

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