May 20, 2013

May 18th, baby!

At dinner one night during a particularly mind numbing conversation between the kids, I glanced at Coach whose pupils were fixed and dilated.  He too longed to escape the talk which involved kids choosing sides and challenging the other side to prove that their opinion was correct.  I believe the dispute involved who knew more about what horse might perform better in a race of speed:  a plow horse, or a draft horse.  I whispered to Coach across the table, "May 18th baby, May 18th."  This was the date of our upcoming long weekend getaway without the kids.  One of the kids lost interest in this tantalizing horse talk, and asked what Daddy and I were laughing about.  Reggie was the first to repeat it.  "She said May Eighteenfff."  They puzzled for a minute until Reggie burst into a smile and began to lead the other rogues in a chant.  "Oh yeah, we can't wait for May Eighteeff eivver.  That is when we get to go to our friends' houses."  They pounded their fists on the table and chanted the date over and over, "May 18th, May 18th." 

It went on for weeks.  When they were upset, or debating our parental wisdom, they began the 'May 18th' chant.  I must admit, I envisioned waking up alone in a hotel room.  With Kevin on his way to class, and no kids to discipline, drive, or direct in any way, the entire day was mine to plan.  Sleeping late was top on my priority list.  Their chant caused me to smile as well.


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